One you have established a website for your business you may think that your work is over and you can relax. But I can tell you that you are terribly wrong. All you have done is just like erecting a board at your backward. Unfortunately the people are going through the front road and not potential customer is ever going to look at your back yard. Not only that trespassing and looking at your backyard is illegal. So normally only the people who want to find out what is your situation, will be coming to your back your back yard. This is either to steal your property or people who want to know about your ideas and activities, so that they can be better equipped to compete with you.

If you consider search engines are highways where tons of your customers are passing, please understand that none of your customers will never see your website, where as your website will be analysed by your competitor to find out what is your strategy and what are you are selling to your customers. So unless you do proper search engine optimization your website is actually doing harm than good. So now it is the time to move your Board from backyard to front. Hire some search engine consultant and make sure your website is in front page.

What is search engine optimization

what-is-search-engine-optimisationI consider it is like traffic rule. A good and expert driver can not reach his destination unless he follow road rules. The same way there are some rules and tips to be followed. You must use proper search engine optimization techniques to achieve this. Google itself says that to appear your site in search result for a given phrase you must make sure that it is appearing some where in your page. if it is important make sure that you are inserting the given key phrase in meta description. Otherwise you may not appear in search result at all. But keep in mind that just inserting your key phrase in meta description is nothing, as millions of people including your competitor is done it already. But that is the first step and from there we start.

Since it is a ongoing and continues work and if you are busy to look after your business then it is always better to hire a search engine consult for your work

 Search Engine Consulting

There are thousands of search engine consultants are available out there. Especially from India you can find lot of search engine consultants. Looks like any body comes out of college and have ever heard about the world search engine optimization is calling himself as seo specialist, Search engine specialist, search engine engineer or whatever you can imagine. But you have to be careful while selecting these so called search engine consultants.

Because with my experience more that 90% of these people thinks search engine optimization means directory submission, Writing some articles and submitting, or writing one 400 word article and submitting to 100’s of article directories, and social media submitting. All these article will have your keyword repeated again and again and they call it as keyword density.  Imagine I am repeating my title in this article again and again in each 20 words what would have been the condition of this article. Infact I hope that this article will reach first page for the key phrase search engine optimization consulting. It does not mean that I have to repeat that word 50 times in this article.

More over some article directories like add do-follow link in resource box, which clearly says human editors of google, that you have paid for that article and they immediately add a sponsored article penalty to your website because google build on organic links algorithm and they are strictly taking actions to the websites which artificially trying to boost link popularity. More over adding a do follow resource link is against Google quality guide line. you are allowed to add only no follow links and an anchor word without search engine optimization. Logically you can invite customers to your website but you are not allowed to pass link value through a sponsored article. So by submitting an article to you are basically breaking google quality guide line, since as of now there is no way to submit a an article to by adhering google quality guide line.

Note: I use to make sure my writers are of good english as they are very strict in grammar and punctuation 🙂

off site seo

Guest post

Guest posting is a good idea to build links. However please note that guest posting is a double sided sword. If you do not do it properly you will be penalized for sponsored articles. Even google has punished their own product chrome for posting sponsored articles (basically guest posting). The art of guest posting is that you must post it as it is not you. Nobody should understand that you have posted it. Avoid resource (footer) links to your website telling that the writer does his and that. If you want the reader to find you give your profile link or your email address (beware of email harvesters). Please see other guide lines

Guest posting guide lines

  1.  No article submissions to known free article submisstion sites, Google webmaster guide line says “Does this help my users? Would I do this if search engines didn’t exist?“. Let us ask would I submit an article to if the search engine didn’t exit?? My answer is that even a street dog won’t submit an article if there was no search engines.
  2. Submit your articles to revenue sharing directories like squidoo , hubpages , snydle,, blogspot and known and established blog sites like wordpress, typad,

    Tumblr etc. (Yes people will submit articles to these even if there is no search engines as they can make money from these websites)

  3. Never have any resource links in your articles so that Google can recoginise your article as sponsored article. Make sure you are adding good amount of outgoing links to authoritative websites, and never include more than one link to your website. The link to your website also should look 100% organic. Not only that make sure you are adding some links to related websites like you. Like add a link to Dominoes pizza, if you are writing an article to promote you local pizza shop website.
  4. Make sure that you are adding links to some good reference websites. Say if your article is about iPhone repair make sure you are adding a link to and if your article is about birthday celebration add a link or hallmark or some other birthday gift portals or greeting card portals. Never worry about that website is commercial or non commercial. Because for google there is no commercial or non commercial. It got only good or bad website.
  5. While writing article concentrate only on article and make sure you readers will like it. There is good chance that if your article is good lot of other writers will add your article link as reference and the PR of your article will improve. It will increase the position of your website as well and you may get more more more traffic from this article. I am having one article which brings me around 100 visitors daily.
  6. No keyword stuffed articles. Just make sure that your writer  is not repeating the keyword unnecessarily in unwanted places to please you.
  7. Never accept SEO packs. Because most of the packs will be like (200 directory submission, we will write 3 article and submit to 100 directories, 200 social bookmarking. If you search for the list of these social bookmarking sites, you will understand the quality of that packs)
  8. I had read one post in Google webmaster forum that one seo company has submitted a content removal request to google, when he changed the SEO work from them and given to another company. So be aware that by giving access to your google account to unknown and non reputed people, you are risking your business. So make sure you are selecting good and reputed company for SEO
  9. Make sure that your submitted article attain the strength to support your website. I mean it is better to do some search engine optimization to the submitted article also. Like adding back-links to this article from your other posts and comments

Blog commenting

Other off site Seo works include blog not spam by using commenting software and read and write genuine comments about the post you are reading. the owners will be more happy to approve that and some time they may visit. Not only that some post will be really famous and if the readers see your comments is worth while surely they will visit your site.

Directory Submission

Submit to some directories. Please note that directory submission will bring no traffic or will not improve the position of your website in the search result. However it will help you to increase your page rank and get good opinion about your website

on site seo

Meta Title and Description

Meta title decides what is the title for your page or post. And that is what google shows at bold titles in the search result. For example if some body searches “Search Engine Optimization Tips” and if this post happens to be in first page then the there is good chance to get this post clicked since the title shown will be “Search Engine Optimization Tips“. So use the key phrase or key phrases which is most important to you

Meta description: Make sure you are using good meta description as google will be showing that as your description in search result. So make sure that your meta description is good and appealing. Some content management softwares like wordpress shows home page description (site description) as meta description through out the website (site wide). Make sure you are changing it. In word press if you replace or add the following lines at header.php you will get what you want

<meta name="description" content="<?php echo strip_tags(get_the_excerpt()); ?>"/>

But please note that the above is just core code. You may have to check what is the page status before putting the above code (like is it home page, pages, category or single post). better to search for the above as there are lot of people written about it.

Note: When I am writing this only I remembered I did not do this for this wordpress theme

Website Content

Content is the king and unless you make great content all those efforts are waste. I have seen people writing articles with the keywords stuffed with 5%, and some times all the key phrases are bolded. When I see such articles and the owner says he is search engine optimization specialist it is a Joke. I would rather call him search engine buffoon

If you are from India and in an exam if there is question that ask you to write about Indian flag, then will you repeat Indian flag in every 20 words??. The why are you doing it while writing content for your website.

I have seen one website which has started appearing on first page even without doing any offsite SEO. Because I got contract to do the seo and after one week I have seen that the website is already in first page. The owner was happy and I was double happy :).

If you search (kontera vs infolinks) my post is appearing in the first page. I doing some seo now to make it first result for that search. But it came to first page without doing any link building or off site SEO


Use Images. People like images.

Use Social sharing tools

Install social working tools which will allow people to post your content on facebook. This will help you to bring more traffic from social net work sites





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