Key words are the basic of search engine optimization. This article explains how to select the keywords to attract search engine traffic. This article outlines 7 different rules to be used with keyword for promoting your website for different keywords.

  1. Keyword Analysis.
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Never try to get Misspelled Traffic.
  4. Use Keywords in Meta Tags.
  5. Decide Page Heading and Category heading.
  6. Use Keywords on Anchor Links.
  7. Use deep linking

Keyword Analysis

There are billions of keywords driving traffic to related websites from various search engines. You must aware of the most searched synonyms of the keyword you are targeting. For Example, the meaning of the key words “birthday cards”, “birthday card”, “birthday greetings” and “birthday greeting” are almost same or equal as far as humans are concerned. May be “birthday greetings” is more popular as it covers more areas like birthday cards, oral wishes, phone wishes etc. However, for search engine it is different. According to the Google keyword tool. the keyword “birthday cards” average monthly search volume is 823,000, where as the keyword “birthday greetings”  is only having 90,500 searches per month. So there is a huge difference in traffic the websites getting from search engines for the above keywords. So you must be aware of this difference in traffic for different synonyms of same keyword.

You should also understand that when the volume of search increases the competition also increases. Competition means not only ad-words (paid) competition but also the competition in organic search results. More people will be trying to get in to the first page for popular key words. However, this is not always true for all the key words.

I can show you  this with an example of ad-words competition since there is no way to measure the competition in organic result for keywords (related with the volume of search per month). The keyword “happy birthday cards” is having 40,500 searches per month and you have to pay $1.31 to get a first position by using AdWords. Where as you can get a first position for the keyword “Birthday e cards” which is having an approximate search of 110,000 searches per month by just paying $0.94. This shows that we can get into the top position for the keyword “Birthday e cards” which is having 3 times more searches than the keyword “happy birthday cards” by paying around 25% less money.

You will have to keep in mind that all related keywords may not be suitable for you. For example if you are selling the paper birthday cards online, there is no use of targeting “birthday ecards” . This is very important if you are running some e-commerce web site and you are using Google ad-words for getting targeted traffic. Also you will not be able to correctly identify the quality of visitors for some keywords.

In this case keywords like happy birthday cards falls in this category as it covers both ecards and paper cards. If you are using Google analytics, it will show you the performance of each keyword once you set up goals path properly in your analytics setting.This will help you to understand the performance of any keyword. However as par as the organic result is concerned there is not much limitation as organic traffic will always make your web site more popular. And who knows, a casual visitor today  may be a potential customer tomorrow.

So select the keywords best suitable for you according to your requirement and the quality of the traffic you expecting. Generally if the competition is less you have more chance to get into the first page in search result.


  1. You can get the Google AdWord tools required for this at ()
  2. The Google analytics can be found at (
  3. All the search volume and competition prices are at the time of writing this article. This may change time to time.
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