As a web publisher I used to try new new advertising people to fill my inventory and to get extra Income. I have started my publishing or web site work as a hobby. I have tried commission junction and other agencies only to find out that web money is a myth, until I tried google adsense.

I have tried kontera and infolinks for my website since their advertisements are text links which will not consume out traditional ad-space  If I am right kontera was the first one and infolinks came after. So I have tried kontera two times. One before info-links and one recently.

From My Expereience (july 2013)

High light: My latest experience with kontera. Please read the email I have send to them!! 🙂

I had a disastrous experience from Kontera (0.01 revenue for 31 clicks)  and I have send an email to those jokers in Kontera. (Any way this time I did not get their normal reply stating that they are working with big brands like this and that. Hmm at least some improvements in their customer handling. (Getting no reply is better than getting idiotic reply)

Please see the email I have send them below


Hey you Jonathan??

What is this??
31 clicks and 0.01 revenue what is happening you

Are you jokers or do you think I am a joker??



I think You may not need another review about these jokers

View some idiotic reply here : Best Jokes on Rahul Ganhi after Arnab Goswamy interview

Kontera vs Infolinks

I have found out that lot of people are asking same question which one we should try. I recommend them to conduct a search on internet to find out, read about others experience.

But most importantly test both of them for some time so that you will be convinced.

  1. Link to infolinks :
  2. Link to kontera :

( Disclosure: please note infolinks link is carrying my affiliate link and I may get referral fee if anybody joins through this link)

Kontera ads

I have tried kontera ads in August 2012. And the revenue for 13-08-2012 was 2 cents/13 clicks Please see the details here. I have tested kontera two times. Please see the results for both

I am unable to provide the screen shot here as they only show the report for 6 months. (Some people want hide something from you 🙂 )

2012 trial

Date, Number of impression, number of clicks, and revenue

08/13/2012     4,542    13 clicks        $0.02(Revenue)

means I am getting 0.02 for 4500 impression. (As if they sell their inventory for 0.005/cents 1000 impression if you are calculating CPM.

If you are calculating on CPC the cost per click become around than 0.15 cents. (not dollar)

What  joke

So I decided to write to them what is happening. before writing to them I have tried with infolinks also. Please see the copy of email I have written to them

Support Request(Other)

08/13/2012    4,542    13 clicks        $0.02(Revenue). Where as infolinks pay me average $ 0.2/per 13 clicks. Can you please explain why you pay so disastrous compensation for your publishers??.
Are you cheating??

Thank you

It was obvious no advertising company in the world will take advertisements less than 1 cents/click.  Atleast as per my knowledge. Which means They are taking around 85% of money (minimum) and giving us dog bones.

And the support replied me here

Thank you for contacting Kontera Support.

I reviewed your account to make sure it was placed into all relevant pub groups and made a couple optimizations to your account that will hopefully generate more revenue. However, one issue that might be happening is that we may not currently have a lot of inventory for the topic of your site. We do have a number of new campaigns going live soon, so hopefully that will also help increase your revenue.

Please let us know if we can assist you further.

Kind Regards,

Kontera Support

Kontera 2013 trial

Kontera 2013 trial is far better. Infact they have beaten info links mile apart

Number of impression, number of clicks, and revenue

73000 impression , 643 clicks , 33.24 revenue

Infolinks Review

After booting kontera from my advertisers list I am showing ads from infolinks as text ads. I am only using their text link ads  since I do not like intruding type ads And the report here. I can provide screenshot since it is current and I can take it any time

For last 7 days I had 295,267 page views 21617 ad views and 96.00 dollar income,

works out

42181 daily views and 3088 adviews and $13.76 daily revenue at the rate of $4.24 ecpm

If I have stick with Kontera and as per their paying method I would have made 20 cents from 42 181 page views if we calculate in ecpm or

I would have made $4.75 if we calculate on CPC if they attract approximately 10% ad views. But we must remember that their percentage of clicks is less than 0.5% as per their report. please see the image of infolinks before

infolinks earnings

Please see the image of infolinks earnings for 7 days.  This will clearly give you an idea how much you can make from infolinks as supplementary Income. Please note that in advertising industry the cpc (COst per Click) is depends on the industry. So your CPC and CPM (cost per thousand views) will vary according to the industry. So you may be less than what I have shown below or considerably more if your blog is catering high paying field like finance, hosting etc



So I think for me infolink, kontera is same side of a coin. You can try Kontera yourself to find out which is the best in between them. As of now I have not tried adbrite textlinks since I was fed up with their low performing banner advertisements. But please note that adbrite also were running the same type of advertisements (now they closed). Vibrant media is also there in scene.

Remember less performing or more performing is not big issue as we may have to fill our inventory with low performing advertisements. But it is really hard to accept bones from some body who has taken all the flesh. For me 2 cents for 13 clicks was the lowest in my web publishing life.

Infolinks Vs Kontera Internet research result

Alfan Hendro from is written a blog titled kontera sucks. In that he has shown his earnings from kontera earning. Finally he declares as

I’m not going to sell any more of my pageview for 1c eCPM (that’s 1000 impression for 1 cent). I had to make a cruel decision, and pulled out Kontera ads from my site.

Please see his earning summary image. courtesy to him


Infolinks Vs Kontera (internet research -2)


A user on digital forum asking kontera staff to stop cut and paste reply as the answer, whenever a user is asking about low revenue share. The cut and paste answer he claims is this

MIKA , please stop the copy & paste of the same answer always regarding the very low earning issue.

you want publishers to stick and keep working with you ?? stop paying very LOW. make the clicks earning more than 0.01$ and see how many publishers will use you, everybody is complaining about KONTERA low earning.

And the link is here

If you also got a similar cut and paste reply please post it in the comments. I love to see that


Infolinks Vs Kontera (internet research -3)

kontera remove

I have done a key word research by using google keyword tool to find out what is the search trend for both.  To find out the volume. Interestingly one keyword came up unexpectedly. That is Kontera Remove (210 Exact search)/month,  remove kontera (90 exact searches/month), disable kontera (58 exact searches/month). Where as I could not find any such keywords associated with infolinks. I can find that there are 58 exact searches for disable infolinks 58. In infolink section the keywords came was infolinks review (390), infolinks earnings (170), infolinks vs adsense (110 +80). The total searches for infolinks is 18000 and kontera was 5400 (all Exact search volume)

  1. With above search result it is obviously clear that kontera users want to remove their ads or disable kontera ads. They may be considering it as nuisance or a burden since it is not paying them any money.
  2. People are searching for infolinks review means lot of people want to add infolinks to their blog or website and they are looking for reviews before deciding (No single search for “Kontera review”
  3. The search term infolinks earnings indicates us that people are interested to find out how much they can earn if they put infolinks ads, or they want compare their infolinks earnings with others to make sure that they are doing right
  4. When people search for infolinks vs adsense we can come to a conclusion that people are thinking whether infolinks is a viable alternative to adsense. That is very important. Normally all publishers are considering infolinks and kontera as supplementary Income.
  5. Search term   disable kontera (58) and  disable infolinks (58) is having exact number of search volume. However we should not forget that infolinks search volume is 18000 and kontera search volume is 5400/month.




I have also read some interesting reviews about these two here

  3. (this is the only review I could find out positive or asking their readers atleast to try kontera
  5. : A good study inbetween infolinks and Kontera


My personal recommendation: I recommend you to test each program for yourself. Some time the demographics of websites will change the behaviors of advertisements earnings very much. So better to test yourself before doing any conclusion. The above blog post is my personal experience only and it may not be same for your websites.

Declaimer: The above post is written based on my experience. The internet and web world is constantly changing. So teh results may change from person to person and time to time. With my personal experience and reviews I have read, I recommend you to go for infolinks. So please note that I do not have favour or bias to any advertising network.


Note: after this post I have conducted a new test 2013 April and published report as Kontera Review. it gives more details about Kontera earnings. I find kontera far Better now


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  1. Hi Sajithkumar,

    This is Jonathan from Kontera. First of all, just a real nuts and bots clarification – Kontera publishers can see their previous Kontera earnings dating back six months, not three months, from their Publisher Centers. Publishers who want to see their earnings dating back from a longer period of time, or want to check how close they are to their next payout can do so by contacting our Support Team at ([email protected]).

    Also, one quick preface, I looked at your Kontera account and your website (hidden) featured content that was also on websites like One of our publisher guidelines is that your site needs to “contain original content, not repurposed content”. So this site in particular was never a good match for our platform.

    Speaking in more general terms Kontera is primarily a brand advertising platform, meaning we work directly with some of the biggest brands in the world like Microsoft, CBS, Audi, Kellogg’s, Verizon, Intel, and more. These ads are the most attractive, offer the best CPC, and perform much better than networks that rely primarily on generic ad feeds. That said, it’s up to our advertisers where they want their ads to appear, and if your content isn’t on topics they’re targeting or in your traffic isn’t coming from regions they’re targeting, you’re not going to see the same level of differentiation that most Kontera publishers experience.

    Take (your site) for example, it looks like most of the traffic from that website is coming from India. If most of the traffic was coming from say the United States, odds are the majority of ad clicks you’d get would be on brand ads, and you’d see much better performance.

    While you get a 70% revenue share no matter what, it’s important to keep in mind that not all ad clicks are worth the same amount of money. Kontera offers advertisers a variety of different in-content ad units, most of which are priced slightly differently based on the complexity and features offered in the unit. Additionally, most ad networks use ad feeds to supplement their inventory on content they don’t have the right ads for and those ads are almost inherently pay less to both the ad network and the publisher.

    For instance, if you’ve been using Infolinks you’ve probably noticed in the last six months that they stopped showing ad clicks in their publisher data. Based on what I’ve seen people writing in forums the past couple of years, I guarantee you the main reason they removed that is because they got tired of explaining to publishers why they kept on getting clicks that were worth less than a cent.

    There isn’t a single ad platform that’s right for all publishers, and after looking at your site, I don’t think Kontera was the right fit for you. However, for publishers that are a good match for brand advertising, they will see better results using Kontera.

    One last aside, you mentioned AdBrite also provides in-content ads. They actually went out of business a few months ago.


    – Jonathan

    • To Jonathan,

      Please note some points:

      1. (my site you mentioned) is note the site I am talking about. I have lot of sites and clocks 1.5 million unique visitors per month already. And I have published my infolink data as image there. If (the site you mentioned) can bring that much money, I would have happily transferred all my domain to infolinks. But the image is for another website as I did not used infolinks for (the site you mentioned)

      2. Thanks for highlighting adbrite is gone out of business. Anyway before highlighting this please have a look yourself at mirror. Mirror is located at

      3. You say 70% of revenue is shared with publishers?? And I get just 2 cents for 13 clicks. Even if 50% of clicks are from non paying nations still 7 clicks are from paying nations. (like USA). And you are convincing me that you are sold those 7 clicks for 2.6 cents??. Do not think I am a ******* and You are a *******
      If I can get 1300 page views for 2.9 usd (70% is 2 usd and 0.9 cents for your share), Please let me know.{(13/2)X 100}=1300 +(your 30%) I am ready put unlimited advertisements on your network. No matter where you are showing my ads (whichever country (even you can show in heaven or hell) I won’t care.(calculated on the payment rates you have payed to me)

      4. You work with biggest brands in the world like Microsoft, CBS, Audi, Kellogg’s, Verizon, Intel, or with anybody or do brand advertisements or brand awareness or whatever. But to display your advertisements on our network we need money (not 0.15cents/click).

      Thank you

  2. Hi Sajith, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for writing this review and for choosing Infolinks as the better choice! We’re a superior network with great high paying ads, as you see for yourself! Keep up the good work and happy blogging 🙂

  3. Hi Sajithkumar,

    1. I noticed after I left my first comment here that based on a support ticket you opened in the past with us the website you might be referring to is While it’s possible that you might have another Kontera account I’m not aware of, it’s important to keep in mind that your Kontera tag is only supposed to go on the specific site it was approved for. If a publisher would like to add Kontera to an additional one of their websites, they can e-mail either our Support or their account manager, and if applicable, they’ll provide an additional unique Kontera tag. The approval process is important because it protects our advertisers from their ads appearing over inappropriate content, and is important for publishers, as we can save them time by telling them upfront that they wouldn’t be a good match for Kontera either for content or performance reasons.

    2. In terms of Kontera’s Alexa profile, I’m not 100% sure what you’re trying to draw attention to, but I’d just point out that in terms of our business model, success has a lot more to do with our platform being used on other websites, not getting people to visit our own. Almost all our interaction with advertisers happens off the website, as well as much of the interaction with our 15,000 + publishers.

    3. Regarding revenue share, I understand your frustration but you are actually getting 70%. I do think however that a little more context would help you understand what’s going. The market for brand ads is hotter than ever, but around two years ago, advertiser interest in ad feeds began to drastically reduce. On Kontera these ads would appear, when relevant, when we didn’t have a relevant brand ad to display over your content. Other networks which didn’t have brands ads, which provide much better CPC, relayed either primarily or exclusively on these ad feeds for their ad inventory.

    For instance, I saw in that Digital Point forum where you advertised this post that a publisher who was seeing $7.00 eCPM last year through Infolinks is now seeing $0.50 eCPM through them. That decline is most probably related to advertisers putting less and less of their budget into these ad feeds.

    For Kontera publishers in general, that’s much less of an issue as we’re a brand network, however as I said before, if you’re not receiving brand ads either because advertisers aren’t targeting the topics of your content or the region of your readers, that 70% revenue share is going to come from a significantly smaller pie. Not just compared to our premium brand ads, also compared to a couple of years ago for non-brand ads.

    Concerning advertising with Kontera, you’re welcome to inquire, just keep in mind we’re not a self service ad platform. In terms of scale, we’re currently only accepting new campaigns where the spend is $20,000 or more. But again that’s on the brand advertising end, the whole problem in your case as a publisher is you’re not receiving brand ads.

    4. Speaking to your final point, I agree with you, that based on the two websites of yours that I’ve seen, that Kontera isn’t a good match, either from your perspective or ours. That’s fine, in the time I’ve been working at Kontera I’ve seen us turn down a significant amount of publishers and advertisers, some who were looking to spend a significant amount of their budget, just because for various reasons the partnership wasn’t a good fit. We perform incredibly well for most of our partners, but if your readers aren’t eligible to see the brand ads, that likely isn’t going to be the case for you.


    – Jonathan

  4. Hello Jonathan,
    Whatever may be the reason at the end, monthly earning only important. No body will think did you refused advertisers or publishers and what is the minimum budget etc. Investors need profit and return to their investment. For us also same. How much I earned and who is paying more. and where all I can sell my inventory.
    And paying for 4500 page impression and 13 clicks only 2 cents and you expect people will take it.

    After reading your comments I thought it is fare to do one more study, even if I loose some money. (for one week I lost around $40.00. Any way study reports and some suggestions are there as a publisher.

    In-fact I again tried last week now you are paying 5 cents/clicks. Is the sky has fallen down or all my audience migrated to USA??


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