kontera-reviewAre you running a website and have good traffic?? Why can’t you add some more income without adding more banners and links, which may spoil the look of your website if you use excessively. Using text link advertisements from info links, kontera and vibrant may be a good option for you. Their technology will convert the related keyword to a link and users will be clicking on it. So by using these advertisements you can make a some extra amount of money as a suppliment without consuming any extra space.I make around 5 to 20% of what I make from ad sense. I hope you will also make the same. However adsense earnings for each website is differ according to the way the website behave, the niche they are catering etc etc. A website catering search for users (like ask.com) will generate more clicks since the users are searching there to click on some result. And if a website is catering advertisements and finance they may be making much better than other sites which cater the products for each clicks.

High light: latest update July 2013

Page views:4969, Clicks =31, Revenue=0.01 USD (yes 0.01 for 31 clicks).

If you can offer 4969 advertisement views for 0.01 cents you can go for kontera. Infact I have offered to bulk buy their inventory (31 clicks for 0.03 🙂 (yes 3 times than they offered me). They have given their usual reply. Kontera is working with big brands and this and that. I am 100% sure that they are cheating publishers, as I could not see any other reason for selling publishers inventory so cheap to their friends

Jonathan responded telling that it is because default advertisement, and I offered him better paying default advertisements. Unlimited, non geographic (0.03usd/31clicks). But he does not want. What you think about these people’s transparency. I have attached my email below.

The below is old review, I think they knew I am doing testing, because I was having communication about my other post with them (infolink vs kontera). So I am not sure the result is correct. But yesterday I found they are the same people who want put their ads on your page and pay just one cent for 40 clicks to publishers and put minimum 0.39 cents tp 4 usd in their pocket. (unassuming one cents to 10 cents per click)

Text Link Advertisement

There are mainly two players are there in the field of text advertisement  One is Kontera and other is Infolinks. I have tried Kontera previously 2 times and it was a disaster for me. So I have written an article titled Kontera Vs Infolinks. Kontera staff commented that since my website is not catering USA that is why my website could not get good result. Then I decided that let me try once again since as per Google analytics now my 25% of traffic from USA. So last week I have started the trial and the result was much much better. in fact they are now competing with infolinks in earnings.

Links kontera :http://www.kontera.com/publishers

Links Infolinks :http://www.infolinks.com/

( Disclosure: please note infolinks link is carrying my affiliate link and I may get referral fee if anybody joins through this link)

Kontera Review

kontera-ads-popupKontera is undoubtedly master in contextual advertisement. They have taken contextual text link advertisements to next level. Interestingly they offer image, rich media and video and anchor it with the links inside the text. You can see different at their kontera advertisement formats section

kontera ads Earning


As per above images you can see that I have started my trial on 17th and I am getting around 8usd per day. Not only that 73000 impression I have made 33 usd, which is a good income if we compare with infolinks. I am posting info links images also so that you will get an idea how Kontera is better in ecpm. Remember Infolinks show you on adecpm not your page ecpm. Please see infolink image below



Let us work out

Infolink pays $81.73 for 256227 impression. Means 0.318 effective ECPM. Forget about adecpm. We are not intersted

Kontera pays $33.23 for 73365 impression, means 0.453 effective ECPM.

Which is 50% more pay out than infolinks/ecpm

Infact we will not get clear idea until infolink breaks up their earnings in US and International (like federated media), Because Infolink ecpm is blended with low paying or no paying international clicks

The above image is just before the Kontara trial Period. It shows better daily earning. instead of 8 usd I am getting 12.00 usd daily. But still why I say kontera is competitive. Ok let us see the page impression. Infolink has inserted their advertisements in all page views where as kontera is able to insert advertisements only 50%. My traffic on those days is similar. Which means that Kontera is wasting 50% of our inventory, or as per kontera manager Jonathon pointed out that they are mainly catering us and other western countries. His claim matches with my traffic also.

Then Why they Kontera total earning is less (daily earning) . It is just because they are wasting our 50% inventory. I could not believe it that they are wasting around 50% of publishers inventory. They have to do some thing if they have to attract more customers. The first thing they have to change the terms. They can not act like dictator any more, because there are other players. And their system is more intelligent to find out the geographic location of the traffic. Kontera Publisher terms (3.5)tells that they allow only exclusive publishers and they will not allow other inline text advertisements in a website. I can understand if they say exclusively for page. (it is not good to compete for keywords in same page. if they ask exclusivity they should have inventory to fill 100%. Their terms is here

3.5. Exclusivity. Except with respect to the Audience Products, on all Publisher Websites, Publisher will ensure that Kontera is the exclusive source of any advertising service offerings that are or may be similar to (or directly competitive with) those Products that Kontera may enable via the ContentLink Service. This includes any advertising and/or external service, linked to and delivered through keyword links within the text of Publisher’s Website pages. With respect to the Social Bar, Kontera’s right to exclusively provide such tool-bar based platforms shall include, without limitation, any such toolbar-based platforms designed to display advertising while connecting visitors to social networks and media platforms.

Not only that they should think about this because I know that there is lot of websites from India which attract more than 10 million page views internationally and out of that 10 to 15% is from USA. Which works out around 1.5 million page views/day from USA. Such web portals will not put Kontera just because of the above dictator rule, as nobody want to waste their 85% of inventory just for kontera. So Kontera management has to modify their exclusive term and they should have facility to put an alternate advertisement tags by web publisher in-case there is no inventory or they do not want to insert the advertisements in the webpage.

However I could not understand why I got only 2 cents for 13 clicks in 2012 (o.15 cents) and now they are paying around 5 cents/click. Because as per their ads behavior they are targeting geographically and their system is highly intelligent and inserting ads whenever it sees that the traffic is from the designated area and that means that clicks is supposed to be from USA. May be before their system was not so intelligent and inserting the ads on every country and and they could not get money from advertisers for clicks from non targeted counties. Or they may be cheating that time, and when they understood that cheaters get boot, they may have changed. (if that was the case we can not believe 70% also, until we look at their financial results.)

Any way I am not going to get a logical answer for that earnings and Kontera staff also will never able to explain me. So I am leaving it as a question to you. You can imagine an answer your self.

Please note that I not having the exact data of those trail as their dashboard only shows 6 months data. These details I got it from a support request which I send to kontera, However I remember their earnings was disastrous at that time.

Conclusion about Kontera

I have concluded that I have now 4 answer about the displaying of Kontera Answer.

  1. They Keep their Exclusive terms as it is: My answer for that stay away from kontera
  2. They change the exclusive terms to Exclusive to page: I will join when I am ready to install a ad-server which can can deliver My advertisements geographically. Until then I will stay with infolinks. After joining I will check cumulative earnings to find out if the combination earns more daily
  3. The modify their system and accept URL for alternate advertisement : – I will run Kontera immediatly and use infolinks as alternate advertisement for one month. After one month I will check if monthly earning (infolinks+Kontera) beats exclusive infolinks earning.
  4. They keep exclusive condition as it is but they have to make some arrangements to attract advertisers from other countries also. (even one cent per click will change the earnings considerably)

After all end of month it is the total amount we earned matters.

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Hope the above article is helped you. If so please share it your friends. if you are planning to join info-links as a publisher please join infolinks now


I was planning to run this test for 1 month. However after reading the post about kontera holding money I decided to stop it now. Because instead of giving 30 days notice later to get my $300 usd, I think it is better to leave 60 Dollar. SO I decided to stop Kontera as off now


From My Expereience (july 2013)

High light: My latest experience is going with kontera as of now

It ended up in with the following support request 🙂

Hey you ***** Jonathan??

What is this??
31 clicks and 0.01 revenue what is happening you

Are you a joker or do you think I am a joker??


Infolinks Vs Kontera


I think You may not need another review about these jokers






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  1. Hi Sajith.

    This is Jonathan from Kontera again. I’m glad to hear overall you had a better experience using us this time around.

    Regarding your issues with coverage, there’s no way to guarantee 100% coverage on your inventory while still providing quality high CPC ads if advertisers aren’t advertising in some of the regions of your readers. So, and this is true of any ad network though the details might vary, you can either have the 100% coverage, but get really low CPC from ad feeds in certain regions, which I know you’re not personally crazy about, or you can just focus on delivering the quality, relevant high performing which make up the vast majority of publishers’ earnings anyway.

    Here at Kontera, we’ve made the business decision that in general if we don’t have a relevant ad to display, we won’t display it. That’s a waste of the reader’s time because irrelevant ads negatively affect the user experience and it’s a waste of the publisher’s time because of the diminished returns from these types of ads aren’t going to adequately compensate you. I get that approach might not be the right fit for all publishers, for but quality publishers who value their relationship with their readers, it yields better results.

    Also, regarding exclusivity, as that only applies to other in-content providers, there’s no situation where Kontera is stopping you from using display or any other type of ad on the page. So even if Kontera can’t provide coverage on a particular page view in a less advertiser friendly region, at most what you’re likely missing out on is an ad click from an in-content competitor that would most likely pay a fraction of a decimal in earnings.

    With your larger point about exclusivity, and wanting to mix and match usage of Kontera and Infolinks across different regions, from your perspective I can understand the value of it, but that’s just not something we’re interested in pursuing. We’ve found that in most cases, we perform better than Infolinks globally and we’d prefer to be evaluated in that context.

    Finally, regarding our 30 day opt out clause, that’s pretty standard in the industry. For instance, if you go to section 7.1 of the Infolinks service agreement you’ll see they have a pretty similar policy stating publishers have to give 30 days written notice before they can terminate for any reason.


    – Jonathan

    • Hello Jonathan,

      I can understand that every business has got its own way of doing the business.I will not understand the logic of your policy “if you sell something to other person, I will not buy any thing from you, even if it is useful for me”. Unfortunately that policy never won in history.
      What is wrong if one publisher sells his inventory in philippines and India to some other agency as you are not able to handle it??.
      Any way when you wake up to the fair trade terms in business, I will come back to you. Not only me, but also 1000’s of other publishers will come back to you


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