online-stock-tradingYou May be interested to invest in shares and you are unable to get the base of it. Well do not worry much. Share trading is one of the alternate investment method which will give you handsome rewards if you do it properly, and it may ruin your life if you do not do it carefully and systematically. The first step of share trading is to find good companies where you can invest. There are thousands of shares are there in the market and you will have to locate good one in order to succeed in share market.

Now days share trading has become online thus allowing you to do it in the privacy of your home. However it has also bought another problem. Our exposure to the real market events. Some time a real market event may bring your share to bottom thus by loosing thousands of dollar from your investment. Or they may be a bad things happened which is going to erode the value of all shares, and you may be unaware of it or you may not be able to access the real situation to its level.

However it also bought us more opportunities. We can check the financial reports and conditions of the company  that you are planning to buy. It also give us a good opportunity to browse numerous forums and stock boards to find out what others are saying about the particular company.  However the golden rule is that do not buy any thing if there is a no decent average volume. It may going to 10 times bigger or lower i will never buy a stock if there is no good daily volume

online share trading account

The first step is to start a trading account with a registered broker of a stock exchange. Normally if your bank is having a trading facility it is always better to start with them this will allow you to seamlessly transfer funds from you account to trading account and vice verse. Once you start the account they will give you a user name and password. Never disclose username and password to any person. Treat both as password. Because an hacker or stealer has first find out your username if he want to break in.

Best Online Share Trading

What is the best online trading method.

  1. As I suggested to start a trading account where you can have the convenience, security is the one of the best online trading method.
  2. Then make sure that the brokerage where you are registered is good financial experts who will give you financial advises. Some brokerages like angelbroking and others routinely cover some listed shares and publish the reports. These reports are amazing. So before registering better to make sure that your broker have this service and you are eligible to look their studies.
  3. Make sure you are visiting the share talk forums. There are lot of share talk forums are there which will give you good advice and information, which may not be available in public. But you have to watch out of rumours
  4. Whatever may be the news, advice you take your decision after checking the financial report and profit growth. And have a look at the market and the industry they are serving.
  5. Then give more preference to the know institutions, like your bank, well famous brands which is doing excellent etc. Remember the share price of apple has been multiplied several times after Steve job launched Imac and turned around the company. The same way it is a better time to watch nokia and research in motion. If any of their new product is well received you can expect their share price also going to jump through roof
  6. Watch for Volume jump, not price jump. Volume jump is a good indicator that something is going to happen


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