Infolinks-reviewI have started my web publishing as a hobby and time pass at evening. I have tried Commission junction, traffic market place etc etc and convinced that online money making as a web publisher is a myth. So I left it. Then TADA ūüôā google adsense came as messiah for web publishers like me and I was making good part time income.

Later I have tried Kontera for supplementary income soon booted them. Then I stayed away from contextel text link advertisements mainly because the time I had spend for them is simply not worth with the return. Especially with my terrible experience with Kontera. (read Kontera Vs Infolinks). Then last year I have started putting infolinks and generally looks good. So I thought I will write review.

Generally infolinks and kontera follows nontraditional online advertisement method. It never consume your web space like banner or rich-media advertisements. Instead it catches your own text which match with their inventory and convert it to a clickable link. Not only that when a user hover his mouse over the links it will initiate a small window where user can preview the advertisements and if he like he can click on it.

Kontera mastered that technology with different type of creatives available for users. Infolinks however do not have that much sophisticated  technology.

Infolinks Review

  1. Hight lights: Not consume extra webspace. just read and convert your text to advertisement links
  2. 15 to 20% extra income for you without using extra space in your webpage

Special Note: Infolinks stopped accepting advertisement directly. I tried to advertise some of my website and I could not understand how to do it. I also noted that the income has been reduced to peanuts. Now my income is only around 5% of total income (down from 15%). SO think seriously while adding infolinks to your website

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Infolinks ads format

Infolinks not only follows the above method, but it follows other advertising format also.

1.Infolinks intext


I am using their intext advertisement format. Infolinks code will automatically change certain text to html links. Not only that a small popup window will openup when user scroll their mouse over the html link. This window will show a preview of the advertisment page to the users

1. infolinks insearch

I have tried their in search. The total ecpm drops to around 1.00 usd and the whole revnue falls to 1 to 2 usd from 10 to 15 usd daily. All together the result was a disaster. So if you use this try one week on and off and compare the result. Just do not settle with in-search. As par as me in-search is really annoying and it reduces the total income instead of increasing.

3. infolinks inframe

most of the time our webcontent is at the middle of the screen, leaving ample of black places on both side. Infolinks use this place to scroll ads horizintally. I am not using it as I find it is also not user friendly

4. Infolink intag:

This ads is places after the content as tags.

Infolinks Earnings


But on total revenue sharing infolinks beats kontera miles away. With my one year early experiece with infolinks was good and they are paying me around 10 times more than Kontera.

Kontera was a disaster for me as One day my kontera dash board has shown me 2 cents for 13 clicks from 4500 impression where they succesfully inserted the advertisement. (remember they only shows page impression where they insert text links, which means the actual page views may be 9000).That day I said good by to Kontera.

With that Experience I have stopped all in-text ads. But last July to make sure about infolinks I just started one trial and I am happy. As infolink was paying me around 20 cents per 13 clicks at that time. Not only that their click through ratio also 4 or 5 times better than Kontera. If we consider all these we can understand that infolionks earning is around 40 times better than kontera.

However my recent study indicate that kontera is much better than before and they are now little better (may be if kontera make one dollar info-links may make 1.5 dollar for you).Kontera say they are having high quality brands and they accept publishers with minimum 20K budget etc etc. But who cares. For us cumulative earnings at the end of the month is important.  So if you end of the month  earnings infolinks is always better.

Competitive Analysis

Now let us check infolinks earning with their competitors to find out who will bring us more money at the end of month. Let us forget about brand names, adcpm, ecpm, clicks, click through ratios etc etc. Because at the end of the month what we earn only count and we are making all these effort to make us more money and better living. So I tested one of their competitor that is Kontera. they are also in exact competition and I can see they are in war. whatever we post about them even in forum the company is imediatly responds by expressing thanks, clarification etc etc

Infolinks vs Kontera

Kontera Earnings

The below image shows my one week trial report


As per the above result I have got I can find that Kontera was not able to insert their advertisement links in all the page impression. They were only able to insert it in 50% of that of infolinks. Which leave us only 50% fill rate than infolinks. So even though they managed to pay higher CPC, the total impression was less, which lead me to make around 45% less earning that infolinks (1:1.8)

I have earned 96 dollar for 7 days from infolinks where as Kontera has given me only 58 usd for 7 days. As a publisher point of view if you are considering at the monthly earning is criteria, I would like to say that better stay with infolinks. That is what I am doing now.

Result :Well infolink beats kontera miles behind kontera in terms of revenue at the end.

vibrant media:

As I explained before I was reluctant to these in-text advertisement due to my two horrible experience with kontera before.

So I did not sign up with vibrant media, Just applied and when they approve I will conduct a test here and I will post the result here

infolinks vs adsense

Infolinks vs adsense?? Hmm are you going to compare cat vs dog?? lion vs tiger?? Goat vs Cow?? the same way you can not compare infolinks vs adsense. Because adsense is in banner advertising field and infolinks is in contextual advertisement field, which reads your text and convert your words to clickable advertisement. Where as adsense always stay away from your text, make sure that the user knows that, it is advertisement and not a referral link. this way they do maximum justification to their advertisers.

So you can not compare infolinks vs adsense. Infolinks is always a supplimentary income to top up your adsense earning. It may be around 15% of adsense.

Infolinks ads

Infolinks has 3 type of advertisements. But the above result is only from in-text advertisements. I am not using their other ad modals. But in future I may use their inframe advertisements.

  1. in text: Converts texts in your content to clickable advertisement links by java script
  2. inframe: Advertisements will cover the extra blank space on the side of user computer
  3. Intag: not activated
  4. insearch: not activated

I am using only intext as I found that the other two is anoying. May be I may tray it later and will add the review Here

infolinks payment

Infolink normally pays me by paypal. Every month 1st or second I get Payment from info links. As the time passed it has become one of the major revenue steam from my web publishing. Not only that this income stream has helped me to quit my regular job and allowed me to concentrate full time on web publishing

infolinks payment proof

May be you have still doubt about infolinks payments. You can see a screen image of my Paypal account about info-links.


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Note : The above study is my personal test result. May not be true for you as earnings may differs as per the website character. The conversion and earning from a webpages depends upon lot of factors like your niche, how the webpage behaves to users etc etc. So your earning may not comparable with the images shown

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  1. Hi Sajith, this is Pamela from Infolinks. You’re on a roll with all of these reviews! Thanks for another review. As you stated, Infolinks will earn different publishers different amounts. Our high quality ads and real-time bidding system allows for the best ads to be supplied at just the right time. Infolinks is an excellent supplement to AdSense, 60% of our users take advantage of both together. Happy blogging ūüôā

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