search-engine-rankingAre you looking improve search engine ranking. One of the good and easy way is to do some Search engine Optimization service.  Most of the business owners think that building a website and uploading is the end of the story. They will announce their web existence to their friends and relatives . Most of them send congratulations and our owner is happy. However let us see what he has done 🙂

Let us consider Google as a shopping mall  where tons of customers are coming to look for the service he has offering. Unfortunately no potential customers will see him, because he is standing behind the front benches  his competitors are in the frond with big welcome smile. Yes his website in the backyard of search engine results. Not only that because of his website, now his competitor knows exactly, what is he offering extra than him. In fact he did not get even one customer, but given a chance for his competitor to find out what he is doing. So his website has done big harm to his business, not only that it did not do any good thing for his business.

So if you are planning for a web presence, better do it properly, do it along with Search engine optimization. I am here by giving you 9 basic tips for search engine ranking optimization.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

improve search engine rankin by following steps

1. Target potential customers

Search-Engine-positionTarget your customers. if your customers are local, target them. Not global. May be apple and Samsung has to target global  Because their Customers spread across the world. But for you it may your city or your state. Find out where is your 90% customers located.

Case study:-When I preparing one PPC campaign for my customer who is running a kennel and selling puppies in Melbourne  I asked who is his customers and where is he selling his puppies, And he has answered me that he selling his puppies all over the Australia. Well I created a campaign for him to run all over Australia. But after two weeks he has came back and told me that he has spend 100dollar, but did got only one call and no sale. Well I got confused??. Because as per me we are targeting potential customers.

Then I asked him how he was able to sell puppies all over Australia?? He explained me that those people asked me to send through air and paid the money for that. TADA 🙂 Yes, Now I got it. I asked him how many puppies you sold out of Melbourne  The answer was 2 puppies out of 100. Ok that was the problem. We spend 100% of our budget on  2% of customer area. Immediately I have change the campaign targeting area into Melbourne only (yes Melbourne only). Within next 50 dollar he was able to sell all his puppies and that is also within one month.

Anyway I have done SEO afterwards and now he is ranking in  frist page of google for lot of search phrase related to his breeds

2. Article Directories and Guest posting

Guest-PostYou are in that field, then why can’t you share some information to some other article directories, and add a resource link telling that you are bla bla and super man. Well as per ezinearticle’s claim this will bring tons of traffic to you. (if you see their datas most of articles is hardly having 100 page views per year. I could not understand how an article that is having 10 or 20 visitors/month can bring tons of traffic).

Well if you search for your customers search phrases in google and if you see any articles directory result in front page then you should go and take a jackpot ticket.I have never seen any ezine result in front page. But if you still want to submit articles, then make sure the resource link is “nofollow”. Otherwise Google will penalize you for trying to manipulate search engine ranking of your website by sponsored articles.

Guest blogging is the best, where you should add articles and link back to your website as a resource link, along with other resource links. Like links to aircondition mechanic in sydney, melbourne, adelide etc. Submit articles to revenue sharing websites like hubpages, squidoo, snydle etc etc.

on Mr.Neil Patel tells that

Author rank is becoming more commonly used by writers these days. This allows Google to see where you are publishing your content and how well it does throughout the web.

But what he did not understand is that using your Author links in different websites and linking each other, may lead Google to find out that you are linking back your own content, and can be marked as unnatural links

Adding author ship in all your content and linking each other will not make, Google to place more weight on your content, but it will lead to getting penalty for unnatural links. :). So the following paragraphs is utter crap in search engine optimization point.

If you continually write great content, Google will eventually place more weight on your content…no matter what site you write on.

At the same time, if you continue to put out crap, they’ll keep track of it and devalue the links in your post. It doesn’t matter if you are blogging on Huffington Post or an unknown blog, they will devalue anything you link to if they notice you are just guest blogging for links.

More abut linking your own content:

3. Use attractive titles to your page

Page titles will be coming as the result title in Google search results.  So instead of making it as David company limited, make it as “Best air conditioning Services in Melbourne”, etc etc so that a user searches for best air conditioning services in Melbourne will try to visit your site to find out whether you are best or not. 🙂

I usually decide titles with keyword tool, and select a key phrase which I am sure that I can compete. Normally first page result is never make me happy as most of my keywords are no one in Google.

As off today one of my site ranks no one in popular query “Christmas messages” with around half million searches/year


4. Use Proper Meta Description

Meta description is the one Google shows as excerpt in search results. A searcher may read that before deciding to click. So use variations of your title in a logical manner. Make sure the first two sentences use some related key phrases

5. Content is the King

Make sure your content is rich and better than your competitor. If your SEO guy recommend you to buy content ask him, how many words and how many words is the competitor  using. This applies to every thing including rich media, blogs, explanations etc.

6. Referral Links

Make sure you are adding external links to reference web sites. One good practice is search in Google for your key phrase, and select who ever comes first, and add if he is not your competitor. Do not worry about commercial or non commercial websites. For Google there  only good websites and bad websites. If you are selling iphone it is always better to add some links to apple, ifixit etc.

7. Add Blog

Just add a blog and write something in every week. One or two posts. Make sure you are posting it with good content and with lot of referral links. Choose titles by using keyword tools.

8.Take care your guest posts

If you have added guest posts and articles in revenue sharing websites please understand they are there to pass you link juice. So just add or buy some back links to increase their PR value.

9. Link building

Build some back links through forum posting with proper comments or help. Do not spam others webs with commenting software

10. Watch your Search Engine Result Position

Now every thing has done. You are in the first position. But do you think your competitor will sit quietly, or he will accept you as leader and will go behind. Never. So always watch your result position. Hire somebody to protect that position for you who will do continues search engine optimization as per Google guide lines. They are the one who is doing search engine optimization for business.

Note: You can find lot of search engine optimizing specialists there in the market. But if you hire a bad SEO specialist, who is telling you that I will write 5 articles and will submit to 500 directories, build 1000 social book marking links from the sites (most of them you can not even pronounce), Then be ready to hire another person to clean up the mess he created. Because he wont clean that. He is the hunt for new customers who is ready to accept his crap.


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