Are you looking to make money with google adsense, well this post will help you. Here I will explain you the tricks and tips to increase the earning. This post contain how to start with Google adsense and some important information about ad-sense. This post also explains, the things you should not do, that may lead to banning you from adsense. It will also discuss some alternative to ad-sense

Adsense Payment

Below you can see one ad-sense cheque, I started receiving ad-sense income from 2005. Previously I used to take it as hobby, and the money I earned was just enough for buying some beers. The situation has changed, once I took things little bit serious. Now I get 1000’s of dollar monthly and I hardly work for those websites that makes money now. Instead I concentrate to create new websites, that will bring these type of passive income for me in future



What is Google AdSense

Normal people knows Google as a search engine. But in real Google is the biggest advertising company in the world. Their search platform is the vessel to run that business (advertising business). It is like a vessel to carry the milk. The vessel should be kept in top condition, so that the milk will not spoil. The same way they keep their search platform as clean as possible, so that they can run their advertisement business there.

Google earns their money by showing the sponsored results in their search results. When you search for some thing they shows the sponsored results at the side of the page. This is managed by a program called ad-words. Advertiser can create a an account in adword and he can do real time bidding for traffic from keywords, related to his business. The highest bidder get the top most place and the lowest gets the last priority. Not only that the advertiser have lot of options, targeting geographically, whether to show his advertisement in other publishers websites (content partner) etc etc. If an advertiser select to show the advertisements in content partners websites, their advertisement will appear in the  millions of approved websites. This is done by a program called adsense

Adsense is the Google’s advertising program that help millions of publishers to monetize their traffic. It is very easy to install and to the most of publishers, it is the biggest earning program from their blogs or website. If you have a blog you can apply for an account in google adsense, and once it got approved, you can show the banners and link units in your webpage. You will get payed for that, the way advertisers decided while buying the advertisements through Google, like revenue per click or revenue per 1000 impressions.

Google share 67% of this revenue with publishers and they take 33%. Not only that their system shows advertisements that make most money per 1000 impressions, by taking the click through ratio and cost per click.

Lot of commercial enterprises use Google ad sense to make money form their websites, so they can spend more money to establish their on line presence and can stay ahead in the competition.

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How Does AdSense Work

As a publisher you have to register the with Google adsense. Once you submit your application, they will check up your website for quality and traffic. If you got approved, then you can login to the ad-sense dashboard, create ad unit that blends with your website, and cut and copy the code to your website. That is all. Google’s search technology that identifies the content of the website will automatically make sure that your website is always filled with relevant advertisement. Like if your blog about dogs, the normal advertisement will be from pet foods, pet accessories, kennels etc etc

How Much Can You Earn With AdSense?

make money with adsense

The earning mainly depends on your niche and geographic location of your traffic. If most of your traffic is from USA then your earning may be 10 times better than a website that have same amount of traffic from India. It is just because US business is able to spend more money per click.  One of my friend is having a website that have almost 100% of traffic from Australia and he has told me that he gets an average of 1 to 2 usd/click. Where as I have a website that cater only in India and i gets around 5 cents/click. I think the above example will clearly explains you, the geographic importance of your traffic

The same way if your niche is is of finance then your earning may be 10 times better than a website that cater for greetings. The below image from will give you some Idea about what niche gives you better earning


from the above image we knows that if you are niche is insurance you are most likely to get maximum cost per click. Maximum cost per click does not mean that you can make more money from that niche, as you have to fight for organic search position with those people who can spend 43 usd/click. It is real hard. In my experience, it is always better to stay in first position for a keyword with low competition and low money than staying in 11 for a high cpc word, as there is almost 100 to 2 is the ratio of clicks.

Google Adsense Earnings

Google adsense earnings will change on lot of factors. As I expalined above your geographic location of traffic and your niche is having most important factors. But the season also very important as in Christmas season lot of advertisers will be competing for christmas gifts and other items. Not only that more people will be searching for shopping for holiday season and naturally your traffic will improve

 How to join google adsense

The first thing is make a website with good content. Wait until you have some decent traffic. Make sure that your content is unique and not copied from other websites.Once you have satisfied with your website visit adsense and apply. They will check up your website and once it approved you can login to create units that blends with your website.

Please note

  1. Never click yourself on your advertisement to boost your revenue. You will get banned within no time.
  2. Never ask your friends and relatives to click. You will get banned.
  3. Better not to disclose your website to your friends and relatives until it build up a reasonable traffic. Then can get you banned by repeatedly clicking on your advertisements. You do not know how the friends and relatives will behave.
  4. Never add sentences like visit our sponsor etc etc. You will get banned.


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