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This is the most ridiculous article I have ever read about India and Indian politics. These guys should understand that, Indians (not only Indian Muslims) are not fed up because religious difference or blaming on each other, but they fed up because of corruption, Courts wonders if any body can do such a big scam, as the judge was unable to count the zeros in the scam amount.

(The Indian Muslims are sick of the blame and the ugly comments hurled at them about India’s partition- I think this must be re written as all other religions and Islam itself is fed up with Muslim fundamentalists, not only in India, but also every part of the world).
Also this ill informed writer should not forget that when Indira Gandhi, imposed emergency and try to kill Indian freedom and democracy, only those people from Bihar and uttar pradesh had over thrown her from power. The people like this writer who makes living by writing for wages was hiding in their house. So Indian are politically very aware and they knows exactly what they have to do.
Even Muslims from Gujarat is happy under Modi and they still lives there. I hope this ill informed writer will kind enough to explain to us, what happened to the 30% Hindu population who choose to stay in Pakistan at the time of partition?? What happened to those girls who has been send to brothels in Iran and Iraq.
Read politics and history before writing rubbish

Now Indians (Indian Hindus, Indian Muslims, Indian Christians and all other religions), thinks that Modi can only save our nation. You can not blame them. You have to blame those people like Suresh Kalmadi, who has made India a commedy in-front of international audience by showing how clever Indians are in corruption.

All other countries taken such opportunity to show their skill and capability infront of international audience. And this fellow has made all of us jokers in front of the world and still stay where he was there.

Answer the following questions

  1. Why Mr Raja and Mrs Kanimozhi was in Jail??
  2. Why the court judge say he could not count the figure in scam?? Is anybody can do such a scam or anybody will dare to do such scams?
  3. What is the coal scams?? In anywhere the resource is given in the first come first basis?


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