I get saddened when Sri Lankan military harass Tamil Fisherman and Tamil people, and our Indian government  turns a blind eye to it. Indian Military is is 4th biggest military power in the world.

Is this is the price our Tamil brothers has to pay for suicide bombing of Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s husband Rajeev Gandhi by LTTE?

She is an Italian and does not understand the Indian culture and importance of Tamils to other Indians. When Sri Lankan King Ravana kidnapped the wife of Lord Ram, it was the Tamil people, who  helped to defeat Ravana, and to win Sita back. Lord Ram was from north India and he created Tamil army to fight against Ravana. Tamils helped lord ram, not because because Rama ordered them by force, but because he is an Indian. They joined in his army due to love and respect. Not even one north Indian soldier was with Rama at time

Now an Italian lady makes the rule, how the Indians should behave. And another demon king who killed 1000’s of innocent Tamil people in war crime is ruling Sri Lanka.

May another Ram will come to save Indians and Tamilians from this agony.  I am from Kerala and when another Indian suffers. I will also feel the pain, it does not matter from which they are from.

Unfortunately our present leader is a shame for Guru Gobind Singh and to our other brave sikh brothers. I consider Sikh is the most bravest of Indians and the stories about supplying food and dinner at war time, by the Sikh sisters, to our border soldiers, before feeding their kids and family is really touched my heart. But now I could not believe that the Indian prime minister from the same community, is looking for orders and directions from this Italian lady.


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