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You are a useless bias man who is interested to twist the story and history. Babri Masjid is a symbol of the foreign invasion and shame to all indians. It is shame to all indians, be it Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs or any other religion. It stands as a symbol of a man who destroyed nalanda and thakshasila Universities, 6000 years of knowledge. Those knowledge should have been used for mankind. Instead he burned it.
You are only good to praise the muslims to get their vote and praise. Muslims do not need your praise. They need education and job opportunities, so that their community and future generations will be free from the hands terrorism.
You talk this much?? Why are you not talking about archaeological evidence of ayodhya??. Do you think only muslims got the feelings?? Other religions are without feelings??
Why are you not talking about Bangladesh’s anti Hindu laws, that enable the government to take over any Hindus property? What happened to the 30 to 40 % of Hindu population at the time or partition, in Pakistan and Bangladesh?
Mother india had lot of brave sons like Bhagavat Singh, Subash Chandra Boss, Sardar Vallabai patel etc.
Now I understood she also have lot of idiotic sons like you and that is her curse.
Can you please write some thing about Saudi Arabia, where other religion is not allowed to enter in Mecca city.

You are a shame to India. I consider Muslims as my brothers. They are not above me or not below me. And I do not like the people who takes the advantage of their non-education to call himself as thinker and a writer.
You are non of that. You are just an opportunist who thinks that writing in favor of muslims is the secularism.
You must understand that in 1947 if Hindus want they could have destroyed Babri Masjid. (Like Soma Natha temple). Muslims distroyed 1000’s of temples in pakistan. But Hindus waited 56 years for court verdict. Why the courts of India did not do that?? Why are you not writting about that?. Why are you not talking about 100’s of thousands of hindu girls abducted in pakistan and send for prostitution in Iraq and Turkey? And they are getting punished for their Karma now.

This is your solution

As a solution, India has offered reservations in jobs, and education system to those economically backward and those in the ditches to uplift them, we still have Sachar Report’s recommendations to be implemented to uplift Muslims. We have to pull every one up from the ditches to a point from which they will be competitive. Harassment and Oppression of women continues female infanticide is a daily occurrence.

As per me the solution is making strict laws and make sure people obey the law. In India nobody is worried about the law. People drive without license. People board train without ticket. Ministers not worried about the community. Govt employees never work. If you solve this, Indian will improve and India will improve.

In India only reservation worked, just because it has been written and implemented by Mr. Ambedkar.

All those committees are only for making lots of reports, there by the retired judges can get some salary from Government, at the expense of muslims, women and other socially backward people. The money never reaches there or around 75% money is eaten by the middle man like who will be happy to become a committee member

Be open man. Tell the truth. Then people will call you thinker and writer. Otherwise you may have to call it yourself and others will call you a joker


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